Planning a getaway and still don't know where to stay? Check out Booking

Planning a getaway and still don't know where to stay? Check out Booking

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August is's been a tough year, it's time to recharge and take that getaway you've been long dreaming of! Check out the best accommodations and offers at Booking!

Whether you're planning a getaway or a long vacation, Booking has the best accommodations at the best prices.


Probably you have already heard about Booking. This Dutch online travel agency offers over 862.000 hotels in 120.000 destinations worldwide and is available in 43 languages. Booking is, without a doubt, one of the top travel agencies trusted by hundreds of thousands of travelers.

No doubt why: Booking provides an easy-booking system, the best offers and deals, and allows customers to browse and find real hotel reviews. Not to mention accommodations can be listed according to your preferences (your budget, health&safety, star rating, property type, reservation policy, facilities, and more) so the searching process gets even easier and you are sure to find what best fits your needs.

We know it's been a super tough year for everybody, so we must try to disconnect and recharge, take some time to deep breathing, set our minds at ease, and spend time with our loved ones. One of the best ways to do so is by taking some time away, Booking can help you with that.

We want to play our part as well. If you book your next trip from the links on beruby you will get 4.00% cash back once your hotel booking is confirmed.

Enjoy the summer with Booking and beruby!


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